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The Young Nano Formula

This is a guide to show how a YN meeting can be set up, alterations or additions are of course possible

  • Nano scientists exchange info about upcoming events (Conference, Project meeting, Seminar) through the mailing list
  • YN scientists who will be present inform the others through the mailing list
  • A supervisor free YN meeting is organized if several YN scientists will be present
  • Further communication about details will go through email of attending YN scientists, not the mailing list

  • A YN scientist (e.g. from organizing party) takes the lead in arranging the meeting
  • A room is booked at a free time slot
  • If no free time slot, then the possibility of an extra time slot is polled among the group (extra morning or afternoon could involve extra overnight)

  • A moderator is appointed
  • The moderator ask for short abstracts among the attending YN scientists for 3 or 4 presentations
  • Preferably the presentations deal with different aspects of environmental nano research, they are used as discussion basis

  • Presentation set up
  • 10 minutes: Presentation about latest research, preferably including recent challenges or problems faced
  • 0-5 minutes: Question & Answer with presenter, after Q&A presenter takes seat among group again
  • 15-20 minutes: A more general group discussion about the topic or challenges introduced by the presenter
  • The moderator prepares several general topic related questions to keep the discussion going if needed

  • A YN group photo is taken
  • A short report describing the topics and presenters and the photo are provided for the website


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