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One of the goals of our network is to regularly organize workshops. During these workshops we will discuss the new developments in our field. The dates of the upcomming and a short info about the past and current workshops will be presented here.

  • A completely updated website was placed online.

    12-03-2012 Young Nano Meeting
    The next meeting of the Young Nano Scientists will take place on the evening prior to the 'BMBF Clustertreffen der NanoCare- NanoNature-Projekte' in Frankfurt am Main at the DECHEMA-House which takes place at March 13 and 14, 2012.
    The meeting will start around 17:00.
  • Let us know if you want to give a presentation during our meeting! The goal is as always to have presentations about specific recent findings or problems encountered in your research. A vivid discussion about the presentations is always aimed for.
  • Invitation and Call for Abstracts (PDF)
  • Report of the meeting (PDF)

    21-09-2011 Young Scientists' Workshop 'Field Application of nZVI'
    The meeting consists of three main presentations of each 10 - 15 minutes followed by a discussion round of 15 - 20 minutes for each presentation. The discussion rounds will for example elaborate on the applicability of the presented methods and results towards field applications. A detailed program is also available for download: Program (PDF)
  • Column test with Carbo-Iron
    Jan Busch (University of Potsdam)
  • Application of nZVI in alpine porous aquifers
    Susanne Laumann (University of Vienna)
  • Upscaling / transfer of lab experiments into field
    André Matheis (University of Stuttgart)
  • After the lunch there is time for bilateral discussions and a show-and-tell in the research facilities of VEGAS.

  • A short report looking back on the meeting has been written an can be downloaded here (PDF, Language: German)

  • The official website and mailing list came online.

    08-10-2010 Young Scientists' Workshop 'Nano-Micro'
    The program of this workshop can also be found here. In short, during this workshop five PhD-students presented their current work which then led to a groupwise discussion about their presented topic. The topics covered were:
  • Numerical Modelling
    Jaroslav Nosek, ARTEC, Research Centre, Liberec, Czech Republic:
    Numerical modeling of nanoiron transport properties
  • Carbo-Iron / Combined Particles
    Steffen Bleyl, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, Leipzig, Germany:
    Carbo-Iron - Tailored synthesis of a new composite material and impacts of the characteristic properties for in situ ground-water treatment
  • Batch Experiments / Effects of Transportation Improvers on Reactivity
    Milica Velimirovic, VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Mol, Belgium:
    CAHs dechlorination - efficiency of MZVI particles stabilized by different stabilizers
  • Fate of Engineered Colloids in the Environment
    Anika Braun, Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, RWTH Aachen:
    Mobility of engineered nanoparticles in saturated and variable saturated porous media
  • Field Applications
    Silvia Comba, DITAG, Politechnico di Torino, Italia:
    A comparison between field applications of nano, micro and millimetric zero-valent iron for the remediation of contaminated aquifers


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