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Questions & Answers

    Why was this network set up?
  • We realized that during project meetings and conferences the discussions are mainly done by the senior researchers. As young researchers we sometimes want to discuss less general, more in-detail questions which would be considered of lesser importance, obvious, rhetorical or 'should have known' by the seniors.
    Why do you exclude supervisors and professors from your meetings?
  • There are probably a few reasons for this, but the main reason is that students tend to speak more freely when their supervisor is not present
    Should I be afraid that someone else will publish my ideas?
  • No, we all know each other and we are all scientists and especially want to discuss new things and ideas in order to improve all our research. You might find out that others share your ideas and you can collaborate on a paper which will improve the quality and impact of your paper significantly.
    Will these meetings cost me or my supervisor any money?
  • We try to organize them such that there are no or only very limited additional costs
  • We minimize the costs by arranging the meetings along other large meetings
  • Hopefully the supervisors will see the benefit of these knowledge exchange meetings among young scientists and provide the funding for an extra overnight if needed
    How many young nano scientists are on the mailing list?
  • At the moment we have about 35 active young nano scientists and 10 supervisors
    Which fields of nano research does your network target?
  • We target nano research that focusses on the environment.
  • Though this is very broad, if you think your research can benefit from the environmental community or if you think that the environmental community can benefit from your nano research, feel free to apply
    I filled out the application form but after the automatic confirmation I have not received any further information, did something go wrong?
  • We process the applications manually, please allow us a few days to do so. We want to make sure that we have 'real' people on the mailing list and that everyone is working in our nano related field.
    I filled out the application form but did not receive any emails, what went wrong?
  • Check your spam mail box, or spam settings. You might have to set your spam filter to allow all emails that come from


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