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Young Nano Network

The Young Nano Network is an initiative to bring enthousiastic scientists together who are working with nano scale particles in the environment, both engineered and naturally occuring. The focus is mainly on young scientists (e.g.: M.Sc., Ph.D., PostDoc), hence the name Young Nano. But, of course also the older and more experienced scientific generation is more than welcome to join our network and share its experience through our mailing list.

Through this website a mailing list system is provided in order to have an easy accessible but still enclosed platform for sending emails to the whole community.

Our research field is very broad and thus interdisciplinary. We hope that this platform will provide a step towards an improved communication between young researchers. An intensive exchange between the many currently ongoing research projects dealing with nano materials in the environment will ultimately improve the results of the individual scientists.

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So if you

  • conduct research concerning nano materials in the environment.
  • want to share your knowledge.
  • got stuck on a difficult problem and have no idea who would be the right person to ask.
  • found a new (or old, but likely unknown) interesting paper.
  • wrote a paper on this topic and want to share this.
  • are visiting a conference and want to know who will be there as well.
  • found a short-course announcement you think useful for other nano researchers.
  • or your group is organizing a topic related conference, workshop or lecture.
  • want to join our upcoming regular workshops.
  • are a professor and want to know what the next generation of students and postdocs is interested in.
  • ...
Well, then fill out the registration form on this website and join our network.


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